"whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God." 1 Cor 10:21

I hope you enjoy looking at some of my work. If you are interested in having me building a site for you, please let me know! I have years of experience and am always looking for new projects!

  • African Bible Colleges & Student Sponsorship

    The ABC website features the greatest range of my work. Over the last four years I have managed, designed, developed, and maintained the African Bible Colleges site.

    Featuring hundreds of students, the accomanying website provides a bridge between two continents as sponsors and student connect and, once connected, interact, share photos and make a difference.

    I also created a site specifically for Bible College By Radio, a ministry of African Bible Colleges. Visitors to this site can listen to audio, answer questions, track their progress, earn a certificate and so much more.

    Last, but not least, I manage the Project Juembo and the Project Take Love sites.

  • Covenant Pharmacy and Advantage Pharmacy Services

    Advantage Pharmacy Services is a site I built for a company implementing new and exciting technology geared toward improving the care of nursing home residents.

    The Covenant Pharmacy website, my most recent project, features a sliding header and a secured area for form downloads.

  • James Meerveld Design

    A site dedicated to showcasing the landscaping art of James Meerveld. It features flash-based picture galleries and a secure contact form.

  • Tony Pyles

    I developed this website to showcase my husband’s progress through his current doctoral program and as an asset to his scholarly efforts and job search.

  • Loving Through Literacy

    I’m excited to manage this awesome site, built by Joel Pritchard, and dedicated to an awesome ministry with the potential to make a real and lasting change in Africa.

  • Churches

    The New City Church website, created in collaboration with Moses Lee, is a growing resource for New City Church of Hamilton, Ontario. Members of the congregation are kept informed, able to sign up for events, can dialogue regarding the latest sermon and are encouraged in their faith through this site and its accompanying blog.

    Likewise, members of Grace Presbyterian are kept up to date, able to listen to sermons and view the latest announcements.

  • Other Sites By Pyles Productions